FTX founder’s deleted tweets reveal shocking discoveries

FTX founder’s deleted tweets reveal shocking discoveries

Digital asset information platform The Tie compiles Sam Bankman’s deleted Twitter posts. A closer look at some of the tweets reveals shocking discoveries.

Bankman deleted tweets reveal

Many of the tweets Sam Bankman-Fried has removed in the last year have been gathered by the digital asset information platform, The Tie. In addition to showing how many people are attempting to distance themselves from Bankman-Fried and FTX, The Tie also reveals posts he accidentally posted but later on preferred netizens not to read.

The Tie archives Sam Bankman’s tweet every 15 minutes, adding all deleted tweets within the given duration in a google drive spreadsheet document. From the data collected by the Information and Technology Company, a conclusion was made that most of Sam’s deleted tweets were retweets from other Twitter members. From the spreadsheet, their owners trashed most of the deleted posts that Bankman shared.

Due to the 15-minute duration, The Tie takes to record deleted tweets, the data collected from the former billionaire’s Twitter account is not as accurate as it should be. However, an essential piece of information can be retrieved. In the past year, many ex-FTX staff and investors have removed tweets that refer to the company or its leadership. Days before declaring insolvency, Bankman-Fried erased the famed post in which he tried to assure FTX users that their digital assets were safe.

The irony in SBF’s tweets

Days before declaring insolvency, Bankman-Fried erased the famed post in which he tried to assure FTX users that their digital assets were safe. 

Assets are fine,” he wrote.

Another tweet that stormed netizens was the one he wrote about the CEO of rival exchange Binance, CZ. The tweet has since been deleted. The Tie’s list is especially intriguing because of a handful of tweets that Sam Bankman-Fried erased. 

He removed his comment in which he commended Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, in a thread started by Ryan Salame, the co-CEO of FTX Digital Markets (CZ). This occurred weeks before FTX had a liquidity constraint. The crunch prompted CZ to tease a rescue that never materialized after FTX failed to pass Binance’s due diligence.

Ryan Salame wrote:

“Been an absolute pleasure watching [CZ] have the extremely difficult but transformative debates on Twitter this past week to ensure the crypto industry moves forward in the best possible way.”

Bankman replied to this post by writing:

“Excited to see him repping the industry in DC going forward! Uh, he is allowed to go to DC, right?”

Sam also removed a response to Ben McKenzie, an actor, and crypto enthusiast. He accused the ex-billionaire of deceiving investors by stating FTX was covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which was incorrect, according to Bankman.

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