MyEtherWallet Partners with Unstoppable Domains to Become ‘.crypto’ Registrar

MyEtherWallet Partners with Unstoppable Domains to Become ‘.crypto’ Registrar

Ethereum third-party wallet app MyEtherWallet (MEW) has inked a partnership deal with Unstoppable Domains — a blockchain domain platform — to become a reseller of .crypto domains.

MEW to Roll-out .crypto Domain to 1M Monthly Users

According to a press release issued on Thursday (April 23, 2020), the partnership sees Unstoppable Domains integrating with MEW. As part of the collaboration, MEW can now offer .crypto domains to its over one million monthly active users.

The .crypto domain registry allows for easy connection of cryptocurrency addresses to the .crypto domain and has been hailed by the likes of billionaire VC Tim Draper as being the future of virtual currency payments, replacing wallet addresses.

Copying and pasting crypto wallet text strings apart from being cumbersome and creating room for costly mistakes and is also an attack vector for clipboard attacks. Rogue actors have introduced malware that can corrupt clipboards, replacing the wallet addresses of users with their target addresses.

With .crypto domains, human-readable cryptocurrency addresses can become possible which opens up possibilities for mainstream adoption of virtual currencies. The perceived technical nature of crypto transactions continues to be cited as a major stumbling block for more broad-based utilization of cryptocurrencies in everyday life.

Commenting on the importance of the partnership, MEW COO, Brian Norton remarked:

“MyEtherWallet has long served as a portal to the world of DeFi through DApps like MakerDAO and Aave. As an Unstoppable Domains .crypto registrar, we are also giving users an easy option for engaging with the decentralized web.”

For Brad Kam, co-founder of Unstoppable Domains, the partnership with MEW opens up the way for wallets to become more than crypto storage apps. According to Kam, .crypto domains can enable wallets to become channels via which cryptocurrency users can access products and services in the broader blockchain technology space.

Increasing Focus on Censorship-resistant Crypto Industry

The potential roll-out of .crypto domains to one million monthly active MEW users could also be a positive development for the move towards ensuring robust censorship-resistance. Websites hosted on blockchain domains like .crypto cannot be stored or seized by the authorities and requires no pre-approval from organizations like the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

With the crypto and blockchain industry becoming increasingly under scrutiny, decentralization of the internet might be the way for the burgeoning market to blossom without undue interference from centralized authorities.

Earlier in April, BTCManager reported the issuing of the first Ethereum domain name-backed loan issued by Rocket LP DAO.

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