Solana trolled on Twitter over latest network failure

Solana trolled on Twitter over latest network failure

Solana (SOL) has come under online mockery and criticism from Twitter’s crypto community after another significant outage affecting the network’s operations over the weekend.

The community, known for its sharp wit and acerbic tongue, held nothing back while making fun of the troubled blockchain, which has a history of hours-long network breakdowns.

Network forced to reset

Solana began to experience some severe problems on Feb. 25 after its block finalization process slowed down and several transactions failed.

Per Austin Federa, head of strategy and communications at the Solana Foundation, issues during the network’s v1.14 upgrade forced the blockchain into a “vote-only” mode.

Typically, the network can quickly resolve any problems while in vote-only mode, but during the weekend’s outage, it could not recover.

According to Federa, the Solana team then had to complete the network reset to get it to work again.

Crypto community trolls Solana

Solana’s latest outage and its unflattering history of similar degradations caused an uproar among the online crypto community.

A Twitter user by the name of “Ghetto Gekko” made a snide play at Solana’s so-called “Ethereum killer” status, saying instead it was a “transaction killer.”

Another user, @KevinRomeis, sarcastically asked the Solana team if they had tried the age-old trick of unplugging and replugging electronic equipment to get them to work again.

20-year-old crypto blogger and NFT artist “Crypto Tea” wondered how a network that constantly suffers from technical issues could have made it onto the list of the top ten biggest cryptos in the world.

Others, like @Hashgraph4, stated that Solana’s constant outages made enterprises less likely to adopt the technology for their applications.

According to the user, Solana went almost an entire day without completing a single transaction, so very few would be willing to run their high-throughput apps on the network.

Could validators be the cause of the problem?

Entrepreneur and content creator DBCryptoX blamed the outages on what he called a “massive design flaw.”

According to the user, consensus communication between the network’s validators makes up the most significant percentage of Solana’s transaction traffic, which contributes to dragging it down.

Moreover, when there is a network outage, the validators cannot communicate on-chain and must convene on Discord to determine what to do.

But per DBCryptoX, the validators need a 66% turnout to agree on any decision, and some may be unavailable for one reason or another, leading to unnecessarily lengthy outages.

However, Solana maintains that it has yet to pinpoint the exact cause of the network outage and is still actively investigating the problem.

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