Splinterlands (SPS) Launches its Dedicated Round-the-Clock Channel on Twitch

Splinterlands (SPS) Launches its Dedicated Round-the-Clock  Channel on Twitch

Splinterlands (SPS) has announced the launch of its round-the-clock television channel on Twitch. Via the new Splinterlands TV channel, enthusiasts of the game can tune in nearly every moment of the day and night to watch active streamers and listen to conversations related to the game’s tokenomics, player strategies, lending, and trading scene, and more.

Splinterlands TV Channel Live on Twitch 

Splinterlands (SPS), a leading blockchain-based play-to-earn gaming metaverse has reached another important milestone in its growth and is now leading the charge in another way by launching its groundbreaking round-the-clock SplinterlandsTV channel.

Since its launch in 2018 by Matt Rosen and CEO Jesse “Aggroed” Reich, Splinterlands has been blazing the trail in the blockchain and play-to-earn gaming ecosystem, boasting more than two million active users in 146 countries and over two billion total plays – yet it shows no signs of slowing down.

With the launch of the SplinterlandsTV on Twitch, enthusiasts of the game can now tune in during the day or at night to watch other gamers, and enjoy conversations about everything from the game’s economy, to player strategies, to the lending and trading scene, and beyond.

“SplinterlandsTV’s 24-hour streaming is an initiative never seen before – not even in the largest and most competitive games. The launch of SplinterlandsV on Twitch opens the doors for the game to be seen on one of the most important streaming platforms for AAA and non-competitive games,” said VenapGames, a streaming contributor.

Exponential Growth 

While the current gloomy crypto market condition is hitting a good number of crypto projects hard, Splinterlands says it has been experiencing a steady influx of hundreds of new users, who are all eager to experience the merits of blockchain play-to-earn gaming.

While there is yet resistance in the traditional gaming industry to blockchain gaming, the user interest is a strong indication that Web3.0 and play-to-earn gaming metaverses like Splinterlands are here to stay.

The team says the creation of SplinterlandsTV is yet more evidence of the passion and personal investment its players are bringing to and cultivating within the game. The SplinterlandsTV will further engage gamers by offering them something worth watching anytime they tune into the station.

Commenting on the launch of SplinterlandsTV, Splinterlands’ Sales and Marketing Operator, who goes by the pseudonymous gaming name, r0nd0n said:

“It’s really exciting now that we are close to having his 24-hour streaming channel with so many people from around the world signed up to the stream, in multiple languages. People get to see the game being played at all levels, which helps them decide to play Splinterlands and stick around for the long haul.” It’s huge for community empowerment – everyone benefits together, and this also brings in a lot of new games. It’s turned into such a multi-layered thing and the only limit is imagination. It’s remarkable.“

New Splinterlands players from all over the world can now tune in to the SplinterlandsTV channel on Twitch to learn the basics of the game and get educated by older gamers on its tokenomics and more.

“SplinterlandsTV allows us to bring voices, faces, laughs, and the personalities behind the cards to life. It’s an amazing reminder that at the end of every other battle is a blood-hungry tactician,” said SplinterlandsTV streamer Holoz0r. 

“We couldn’t have SplinterlandsTV and everything it is without seriousness and passion from both the company and our community members. We couldn’t do it without a company that wants to take risks and is very confident in its game,” he added.

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