Twitter substitute Damus app live on Apple app store

Twitter substitute Damus app live on Apple app store

The decentralized social networking platform Damus app driven by Nostr open protocol is now official in Apple’s app store. The app, backed by Twitter’s former CEO, Jack Dorsey, poses as an alternative to centrally-controlled sites such as Twitter.

Damus app on Apple’s app store

The Damus app, dubbed “Twitter killer,” utilizing the decentralized network created by Nostr, gets approval and incorporation into Apple’s app store. The announcement of its approval came to the public limelight on Jan. 31 through a tweet by the Damus team to its 11,500 followers.

The road to incorporation was not straightforward, as it underwent more than three rejections, as expressed by the Twitter page of the Damus app.

Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and former Twitter CEO working closely with Nostr, also broke the good news to his 6.5 million Twitter followers. In the tweet, the astute mogul indicated that incorporating the Damus app was a milestone in implementing open protocols.

Development of the Damus app

Damus app is a brainchild of Nostr, a decentralized network that allows the conveyance of encrypted end-to-end conversations among other services in the decentralized app (dApp).

Nostr enables users to open an account via a client application and broadcast information through a relay. Users can connect with anyone in the network through a public key.

The developers have named the new app a “social network you control.” The app’s ambition is to offer a decentralized platform offering free content. Its architecture contains a bitcoin payment mechanism.  

The app does not need servers because Nostr uses decentralized relays to convey messages.

The developers mitigated malicious attacks such as denial-of-service attacks by incorporating the Lighting Network by bitcoin on the app. According to the GitHub page of the development team, the Damus app consists of codes from more than 44 software developers.

Dorsey’s influence on the app

Up to now, continues searching for the correct relationship between the former Twitter CEO, Dorsey, and Damus app developers. It is on record that in mid-December, the billionaire transferred 14 BTC ($250,000 at the time) to facilitate activities by the Nostr development team.

The rise of decentralized social networks

In September last year, Evan Henshaw-Path, the previous employer of Jack Dorsey, announced working on a decentralized social network. He had formerly worked with Dorsey in Odeo to create a decentralized microblogging platform.

Jack Dorsey, who has been consistent on the need for users to have power over their data, unveiled Bluesky social network a month after Henshaw-Path was working on a DApp for social media.

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