WMV Unveils NFT Collection To Generate Funds For Women Right’s Law Reforms 

WMV Unveils NFT Collection To Generate Funds For Women Right’s Law Reforms 

Today, the Women Making Waves (WMW) launched an NFT collection which contains 10,000 digital collectibles. The aim is to generate funds for the reform and advocacy of sexual assault victims.

WMW NFT Collection Has Five Special Characters 

The WMW NFT is the first NFT collection in the world to use 50% of revenue from sales to fund the fight for the reformation of women’s rights law in the United States and Australia. 

Meanwhile, WMW is founded by two tech entrepreneurs, Hayley Evans and Jess Wilson from Australia. Both individuals have partnered with global leaders to champion reforming laws on women’s rights, technology, and mental well-being. 

They have gathered a community of women supporters willing to fund and pursue the overturning of archaic laws on women’s rights. 

The latest WMW NFT collection comprises 10,000 special digital collectibles. These digital collectibles are grouped into five female characters.

These characters include a barrister, judge, lawyer, entrepreneur, and psychologist. The NFTs are tailored to suit a Gen Z and millennial audience as it has over 650 traits, making each piece unique. 

Every purchase of the NFT opens access to a digital education network which houses special content from The Chopra Foundation, WMW’s wellness partner and the Never Alone initiative. 

Why Jess Launched WMW 

The Never Alone initiative supports various global movements to develop healthy, joyful, and sustainable communities. According to Wilson, the co-founder of WMV, the inspiration for the project comes from something close to her heart and a personal ‘why.’

In 2016, Jess was sexually assaulted when meeting with a prospective investor. She already had a booming business career and a good life at this time. 

Unfortunately, she talked to her mentor, who told her to overlook the incident. Still, she chose to file a lawsuit against the attacker, who was of high profile. 

She finally won the case after eighteen months. Currently, she is ready to use her own experience to alter the law so it favors such survivors. 

In 2020, Jess and Hayley Evans partnered to help millions of women across the globe. Evans is a well-known tech investor who built and scored Tavistock Groups (worth over $14B) technological investment portfolio in over three continents. 

WMV Works With Various Agencies And Law Experts

Meanwhile, most laws governing women’s rights and sexual assault existed about 120 years back. During this time, women could not be part of the processes that led to the enactment of these laws.

However, recent laws have been modified to suit the societal values of today. Unfortunately, those who fight for such changes for laws concerning women are unfunded and under-resourced.

For the organization’s business model, they engage with proven experts in law reforms, such as Australia’s Nina Funnell, who championed the #LetUsSpeak campaign. Funnell, through her exploits, overturned the ancient gag laws in Tasmania. 

Also, WMV has partnered with The Giving Block, the leading crypto donation solution. This solution provides an environment for charities and non-profit organizations to fundraise BTC and other cryptos in the United States. 

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