Emmanuel Owolabi

Emmanuel Owolabi

Emmanuel O. is a savvy blockchain content writer with five years of experience. He helps blockchain brands gain visibility by creating content with a tone, voice, and style that aligns with their vision and goals.

Before transitioning into the blockchain space in 2017, he worked as a content writer with web2 industries, including real estate, SaaS, and cannabis companies.

He got into the crypto space through a friend and became passionate about the industry. However, he started his crypto writing career on steemit, a popular blockchain-based website that pays its users for blogging. And since then, he has been broadening his knowledge of the industry.

Due to his burning interest in crypto, he attends several online and offline events at any given opportunity to connect with top guys in the industry. Aside from that, attending such events serves as a learning ground for him since the blockchain space constantly evolves. Hence, he always strives to keep himself updated.

Emmanuel loves to keep things simple rather than complicated. To him, simplicity means clarity, and he consistently exhibits this belief through his job — as a writer. He is punctual and always wants to get the job done without hesitation.

He currently works with some web3 marketing agencies where he showcases his writing prowess to help them achieve their clients’ aims. Aside from writing, he works as a community/social media manager and has about two years of marketing experience.

When he is not writing or tweeting about cryptocurrencies, NFTs, web3, or metaverse, he is either cycling, watching movies, or reading other content he could learn from.