Binance Has Partnered with Ukrainian Food Retailer Varus

Binance Has Partnered with Ukrainian Food Retailer Varus

According to the latest news reports, Binance, the world’s leading crypto exchange, is partnering with Varus, the leading food retail supermarket with over 200 stalls. The partnership is aimed at improving customer relations and the utilization of digital assets. Clients can order and pay for groceries online via the platform. 

Binance enhances Crypto Adoption among Ukrainians.

The two organizations, Binance and Varus, came to an agreement to allow users to conduct transactions in the supermarket using cryptocurrencies.  

The digital exchange company announced the information on Twitter and said it had accepted the merger to spread crypto adoption. Moreover, it will enable users to acquire their first delivery through the practice of crypto payments nationwide. Several cities such as Kamianske, Zaporizhzhia, Kryvyi Rih, Nikopol, Brovary, Vyshhorod, Pavlograd, and its capital Kyiv will have the opportunities of the fast deliveries and payments contained in the merger. 

In various announcements, Varus has become the first retail food supply in the country to adopt the crypto ecosystem for payments on delivery via Binance. This step will bring handy goods to the organization, such as reduced fraud levels, security threats, and transparency towards the system. Additionally, since the blockchain industry is gradually developing while more individuals engage in its activities, Varus market capitalization will exponentially increase.

To participate in the payment option, crypto users must download and install the Binance application on their IOS or android versions. Furthermore, they are required to visit the Varus official website, select the products they want to purchase and send the virtual currency from the Binance pay wallet

This is not surprising to the cryptocurrency exchange since it has already partnered up with Foxtrot. A similar organization in Ukraine chain of stores that deals with home appliances and electronics. Foxtrots permitted its users to pay for both online stores and retail outlets in the country. 

According to a statement from Kyrylo Khomyakov, Binance General Manager (GM) Ukraine, said that the partnership with the electronic company is the first integration of Binance pay with an e-commerce partner in Ukraine. He added that they would actively continue to engage in such directions. 

Blockchain Technology Develops in E-commerce Sector

To celebrate the initiative, Varus and Binance have announced a giveaway to users of the solution. The action will run for 30 days, commencing from September 15, 2022, to October 15, 2022. Clients who purchase Varus goods worth 500 AUH ($13.54) and pay with Binance pay will receive a bonus of UAH 100($2.71).

Binance pay is a borderless payment solution that permits people to transact their cryptocurrencies. The digital organization developed the solution. Currently, the digital exchange supports over 40 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and Solana. 

Additionally, Whitepay, a crypto-based platform, introduced transactions for products offered by major Ukrainian companies in August. Clients of retail market institutions such as Stylus and Tehnoezh can now utilize the service offered by the payment platform.

Ukraine has become the regional leader in crypto adoption and efforts to regulate the industry for the past several years. The blockchain industry still arises with adopting digital assets such as Dogecoin amid the ongoing military conflict with Russia.

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