BNB Price

Current price of BNB: $289.74 USD per BNB as of December 2, 2022.
24-hour trading volume: $103,003,122 USD.
Today's Market Cap: $47,307,960,722 USD.

BNB price history

BNB is the native cryptocurrency of the Binance ecosystem. Binance is the largest centralized crypto exchange in the world by 24-hour trading volume. BNB (BNB), on the other hand, is the 5th-largest cryptocurrency in the world, with a market cap of $39.31 billion, according to CoinMarketCap.


The price of BNB opened at $0.17 in September 2017 and increased to $1.29 in October. It moved up to $2 in November before ending the year at $9.21.


The price of BNB at the start of 2018 was $11.2, it dipped to $10.7 in February, but increased in March to $10.46. The BNB price at the start of April was $14.95, it then dipped to $12.54 in May.

The price of BNB increased in June to $14.36. It traded at around $13.21 in July and lost close to $3 to sell at $10.75 in August. It continued the bearish run in September by trading at $9.97 and further dipped in October to $9.44. BNB started November at $5.35 before ending the year at $5.89.


The value of BNB at the start of 2019 was $6.14, it then increased to $9.82 in February. BNB went quite bullish in March, trading at around $16.82. The bull run continued in April, taking the token to the $21.57 price area. The momentum continued in May, with the price of BNB hitting $31.76 for the first time. BNB surged to $35.57 in June and dipped to $26.71 in July.

August started on a bearish note, as the coin sold at around $22.19 and crashed to $15.25 in September. The BNB price saw slight gains at around $20.02 in October, before dipping again to $16.16 in November. BNB finished the year hovering around $13.85.


BNB started 2020 at the $18.57 price area. The token then increased to $18.97 in February, before crashing to $12.19 in March. In April BNB traded at around $17.39.

The price of BNB in May was $17.74. It then decreased in June to the $15.48 region and picked up momentum again in July, trading at around $20.03. BNB sold at $23.62 in August and continued the bull run, hitting $28.78 in September. It dipped in October to $28.5, increased to $30.11 in November, and ended 2020 strongly, trading at around $38.15.


The price of BNB in January was pegged at $44.62, it experienced a bullish run in February, eventually hitting $226.73. The price soared to $309.41 in March and leaped to $ 599.88 in April.

The bull run was halted in May, as the price of BNB dropped to around $325.57. The token continued its decrease in June, falling to $300.92. The price picked up yet again in July and rose to $322.74. It traded at around $461.07 in August and dropped to $368.21 in September.

October started on a bullish note, as the token hovered at around $526.94. the bull run continued in November, trading at around $623.82. BNB then ended the year at the $518.37 price area.


The price of BNB in January was $378.34, it dipped to $361.21 in February. The token then increased a bit in March, selling at around $442.79, before crashing to $392.96 in April.

The bearish run continued in May, as the price of BNB further dropped to $322.19 and settled at around $219.37 in June.

The BNB price on July 1 was $217.02 and it sold at around $217.73 on July 2. On July 3, BNB traded at around $218.26. The value increased to $219.35 on July 4, $231.65 on July 5, and dipped to $230.75 on July 6.