FTLife Develops the First Metaverse Virtual Tower

FTLife Develops the First Metaverse Virtual Tower

Prominent insurance firm FTLife Insurance Company Limited unveils a grand project in the metaverse as it prepares for life beyond insurance. The project is an iconic metaverse project that will enhance the next generation of virtual innovation in the alternate universe.

FTLife Tower Goes Live in the Metaverse

FTLife has launched the first virtual tower in the metaverse, “Metaverse METG”, where visitors will experience truly immersive 3D simulations at all times. The new project is a market sensation that shows a breakthrough in the firm’s metaverse journey following the successful launch of its virtual concept platform “The GalaMuse”, last month. 

With the virtual tower, FTLife artisans and customers will have an interactive environment with an ambiance filled with fun and creativity.

According to the Chief Agency Officer of FTLife, Dionne So, the firm believes in the metaverse concept and how the virtual world will trigger the following tech trends in the years to come. The company wants to imprint its signature in the metaverse to ensure FTLife’s aspiration of engaging the younger generation is achieved.

In addition, FTLife intends to organize several activities both offline and online to enhance the company’s sustainable metaverse development initiative.

Furthermore, “The GalaMuse” has the same décor as the newly built FTLife Tower Metaverse METG. Users can easily explore the virtual tower using their unique avatar, which they can use to interact with the FTLife management team.

Moreover, there are four zones on the building of the two-story FTLife Tower. The rooftop tower is noted to be the center of activities due to having several spaces for conferences and product displays.

There are also provisions for integrating advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) centers to enhance the professional development of visitors.

Regarding the new development, Gordian Kwok, the CEO of Advocate, the blockchain platform hosting the metaverse project, commended FTLife for choosing it. Advocate is pleased to partner with FTLife to build the first virtual tower in the metaverse, added Kwok.

How Institutions Are Leveraging the Metaverse

A handful of corporate institutions will invest in the metaverse to learn more about it and keep up with the trendy development. The metaverse concept is broad, and businesses are setting up attractive products and services to lure individuals to their side. 

Things like virtual gaming lobbies, game tokens, and others are incentivized to let users turn them into cash for use.

At the moment, prominent institutional players are grabbing virtual plots of land in the metaverse, akin to how branches are opened in the real world.

At its core, the metaverse encompasses activities, digital assets, merchandise, and businesses. Financial institutions, like banks, having a metaverse presence will help attract the younger generation of customers by creating new products and services. It is possible to create massive growth, especially for financial services providers.

With the metaverse, corporations can bridge the gap between their offline and online presence. There will be a link between a company’s online and offline worlds.

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