Mantisco and Immutable X To Develop A Web3 Game, “Hunter’s Arena: Rebirth”

Mantisco and Immutable X To Develop A Web3 Game, “Hunter’s Arena: Rebirth”

Mantisco has partnered with Immutable X to develop a web3 game, “Hunter’s Arena: Rebirth.” The web3 game will be launched in 2023.

Mantisco And Immutable X Set To Develop A Web3 Game

Mantisco, a Korean-based web3 game developer, has partnered with Immutable X, a leading NFT minting platform, on a new web3 project. Both entities will join forces to create a web3 game dubbed “Hunter’s Arena: Rebirth.

Meanwhile, the gaming sector has recently received huge traction as various gaming firms and partnerships have emerged. Moreover, web3 gaming is currently on the rise, and various gaming companies see this as the best time to launch their games.

Mantisco has been working on a web3 version for its Hunter’s Arena in-house game. The Korean-based firm wants to create a gaming ecosystem where users can enjoy in-game activities fueled by real ownership of virtual assets like weapons, gaming characters, skins, weapons, and other gaming items. 

Additionally, Mantisco wants to develop a platform where gamers can experience fun. The web3 gaming giant hopes to achieve this by modifying the combat systems while sustaining an immersive, fast-paced, in-game play.

As a result, Mantisco is focusing on providing games that sets a good standard for blockchain gaming while attracting players from various backgrounds. Also, users get to enjoy themselves while also earning high rewards.

Mantisco’s Goal Is To Revamp Gamers’ User Experience 

Mantisco’s goal is “to provide its community with exciting and fun aspects through attractive action-packed combat, fascinating in-game settings, and many possibilities for gamers to compete with one another, enjoy real control over their in-game assets, and improve their abilities.”

David Yoon, Mantisco CEO, said that the company would utilize Immutable’s expertise in the web3 gaming sector to spur the creation of new games such as ‘Hunters Arena: Rebirth.’ In addition, the company will also develop more AAA-rated games using Unreal 5. He said:

“We place a strong emphasis on the fun, motivation, and safety of our players’ transactions. The significance of our collaboration with Immutable X in bringing our game vision to fruition is very important.”

Meanwhile, Mantisco created and released “Hunter’s Arena: Legend,” an AAA-rated game on PS, Steam, and PS4 in 2021. It was the first Korean game to be released on PS4 and the latest PS5. The game recorded over 12 million downloads globally.

Hunter’s Arena: Rebirth Will Be Released In 2023

Furthermore, Immutable is leading the way toward the development of the next era of web3 games with its Immutable X platform. Moreover, Immutable X is a leading NFT trading and minting platform in the web3 industry.

Also, it is the first Layer-2 scaling solution built on the Ethereum blockchain in the world. Presently, the platform has grown into a major giant in the web3 sector, thanks to Starkware’s ZK roll-up technology.

Immutable X is the go-to website for those who want to trade, mint, and scale NFT projects and web3 games on ETH. It offers innovators and builders a carbon-free platform, no gas fees, unlimited speed, liquidity, security, and scalability. 

Meanwhile, the web3 game is set for release next year.

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