Morgan Creek CEO says crypto summer coming in Q2 2023

Morgan Creek CEO says crypto summer coming in Q2 2023

The founder and CEO of Morgan Creek Capital Management, Mark Yusko, predicts a start to the crypto summer bull run in Q2 2023.

Mark Yusko specifically stated in the YouTube interview that the ‘crypto summer’ would likely kick off in the second quarter of this year; he referred to the current interest rate regime of America and its ability to tilt the pivot of bitcoin growth onto a positive trajectory. 

According to Yusko, the halving is a four-year event in the bitcoin lifestyle, and the next halving will take place in the second quarter of next year. 

The CEO of Morgan Creek said that based on past performance, the market always expects the halving nine months before that, which is often when summer begins.

Previous bullish predictions for bitcoin 

Yusko’s latest predictions on the bullish outlook for bitcoin re-echoes previous and similar predictions from other crypto heavy-weights. 

On Feb. 16, 2022, Bloomberg’s analysts identified a strong bullish pattern that indicates a high likelihood of a rapid BTC price increase.

Michael Van De Poppe, on Dec. 27, 2022, during a YouTube strategy session, predicted a massive bullish trend for bitcoin; he justified his position by referring to a glass node report that revealed significant cash flows between centralized and decentralized exchanges. 

A glance at the current forecast for bitcoin and stablecoin revealed that the combined volume of all stable currencies is currently $55.13 billion, or 90.73% of the 24-hour volume of the whole crypto market. The dominance of bitcoin is at 41.72%, down 0.34% from the previous day.

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