NVIDIA Unveils Omniverse Metaverse Equipped With USD Connectors And Dev Framework

NVIDIA Unveils Omniverse Metaverse Equipped With USD Connectors And Dev Framework

The Omniverse ecosystem is in a defining period of its existence, as seen by the rapid upgrades it has been through. Omniverse’s current expansion features several AI-powered systems and tools to enable developers to build immersive metaverse spaces.

NVIDIA Launches Omniverse Scalable Solutions

Omniverse is a multi-dimensional GPU computing platform designed for the use of developers building virtual worlds. Roughly 700 companies worldwide utilize the platform’s features to create their product designs, enhance workflows, and set up innovative digital merchandise.

With the expansion of the metaverse into multi-trillion dollar sectors, organizations are pretty sure of the opportunities that abound in the virtual space. However, many firms struggle to navigate the terrain due to the absence of a clear path to guide their engagement with the metaverse. 

The emergence of the NVIDIA Omniverse will close the gap between the physical and virtual environments for organizations looking to benefit from the best of both worlds. Aside from the launch of the NVIDIA Omniverse, a handful of applications have been released by the firm to make collaboration possible for developers and companies. 

The Avatar Cloud Engine, a native cloud AI tool, is the perfect description of the new applications released by NVIDIA. The cloud-based tool supports developers in creating lifelike replicas of almost everything in the physical world in the digital space.

Others include the Omniverse Audio2Face, which can be used to create facial animations from audio files. The Omniverse Machinima is an app to build 3D cinematic-like films, and the Omniverse DeepSearch helps developers scan through thousands of 3D untagged asset databases.

USD Connectors as Foundation for Metaverse Development

In its strategic collaboration with other industry partners, NVIDIA unveils the USD-based Omniverse Connectors to link companies’ workflows in the industrial and scientific spheres. Meanwhile, the latest addition brings the combined USD Connectors in the Omniverse platform to 112.

Moreover, the connectors are available in different formats, and NVIDIA is working on developing other connectors to open the metaverse to industrial, manufacturing, and engineering companies. The next set of USD Connectors is for AutoDesk Alias and AutoDesk Civil, Blender, Siemens JT, Open Geospatial Consortium, Unity, and SlimScale. 

Also released by NVIDIA are significant updates to boost the critical simulation technologies required in the metaverse ecosystem.

On June 29, NVIDIA partnered with Siemens to roll out Digital Twins in the push for the industrial metaverse drive. The two companies have a shared vision of bringing together the metaverse and physical world through strategic partnership. 

Roland Busch, Siemen’s CEO, noted that the coming together of the natural and virtual worlds birthed the industrial metaverse vision. The partnership will enable the two entities to achieve a new stage of flexibility in building new products for the market.

As a prominent leader in industrial automation, infrastructure, and software development, Siemens’s expertise will help actualize the concept of the industrial metaverse. 

The metaverse project is set for unprecedented changes as the coming years will prove crucial.

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