South Korea’s Lotte unveils hyper-realistic metaverse for CES 2023

South Korea’s Lotte unveils hyper-realistic metaverse for CES 2023

Lotte Data Communications (LDCC), the top ICT provider in Korea, will participate in the upcoming CES 2023, which will be hosted in Las Vegas, USA. The primary exhibition hall, Central Hall, will present different metaverse technologies.

The LDCC metaverse will be more refined

Last year, when LDCC participated in the consumer technology association {CES} for the first time, it generated a lot of curiosity. This year, it will participate again, with a three times bigger booth with more affluent and developed experience content.

As in the movie “Ready Player One,” the end version that Lotte Metaverse strives for is a world where the online and offline worlds are linked. Both virtual and physical worlds can use products that have been acquired in the metaverse.

LDCC is developing a realistic and immersive metaverse platform built on hyper-realistic content to support businesses such as clothing, cosmetics, and household items. This is so that customers exploring expensive things can click on the purchase button if they view crude product images as gaming objects.

The ICT provider will utilize cutting-edge technology patents that allow users to interact with objects or real-life characters in VR content realistically.

Lotte’s metaverse seeks to create an immersive experience 

To generate a strong sense of realism and complete immersion in the shopping experience, Lotte Metaverse mixes real-life characters with visual backgrounds made using the world-renowned graphics engine, Unreal Engine 5.

Lotte believes that without physical limitations, the metaverse can display things in ways that are superior to the actual world. Fashion goods could be exhibited in an art gallery, among other works, like presentations of camping gear in a shop forest.

LDCC also aims to include concerts in the virtual world, where users can experience a sense of realism as though they are witnessing a performance with others in front of them, thanks to the music hall’s reproduction of more than 65,000 attendees as digital beings. 

In addition to an NFT marketplace and a cryptocurrency wallet, LDCC will introduce the non-fungible token (NFT) series before the first half of 2023 ends. Before the end of the year, when early access is set to start, they will create a rough outline of the full-scale metaverse business.

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