The Boom of PoS! Which are the Best Crypto Projects to Stake in 2022?

The Boom of PoS! Which are the Best Crypto Projects to Stake in 2022?

In the current blockchain world, there are specific cryptocurrencies whose blockchains employ the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus process. Instead of considering how many extracting machines a person has, this method chooses transactional validators, or those who willingly help add new data to the blockchain, depending on how much money they lock up (known as proof-of-work, which the likes of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin use).

What Exactly Is Crypto Staking?

Compared to Proof-of-Work-based commodities, the Proof-of-Stake technique offers fast processing rates, is simpler to use, and has a considerably smaller environmental impact, all of which are getting more and more attractive as countries worldwide try to fight climate change.

When users engage in staking, they lock or retain their cryptocurrency in a wallet to support the upkeep of a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) based blockchain network. It is comparable to cryptocurrency mining because it promotes network agreement while compensating active users.

Staking involves integrating the ability to verify transactions into the number of coins that are ‘locked’ inside a wallet. Stakers get a reward for adding a trade or discovering a new block on a blockchain, similar to mining on a Proof-of-work(POW) network. In addition to benefits, PoS blockchain networks provide excellent transaction speeds and are flexible.

What Is This Proof-of-Stake(POS), and How Does it Work?

A blockchain network’s Proof-of-Stake (PoS) confirmation process uses validators to check operations and uphold consensus. Users are encouraged by the network to host validator nodes and stake their coins in exchange for interest on their stake, which contributes to the network’s security.

Depending on the protocols, PoS systems operate differently, but in general, the algorithm selects blocks randomly and sends them to a validator node for inspection. The validator then examines the trades’ authenticity.

Once everything is correct, the block is added to the ledger, and the validator gets paid the trading fees and block bonuses. But if a validator submits a block with incorrect information, its staked holdings are castigated.

PoS is renowned for having more power efficiency than PoW, reduced entry barriers, and improved scalability. Shard chains, arguably one of the most intriguing scaling solutions, are supported more firmly under the Ethereum Proof-of-Stake architecture.

Some of the Best Crypto Projects To Stake


With an emphasis on scalability and sustainability, Cardano is one of the most well-known Proof-of-Stake (PoS) cryptos currently available.

The system tries to address the power usage problems associated with Bitcoin extraction, positioning itself as an eco-friendly cryptocurrency compared to other virtual currencies.

This virtual currency has fared remarkably well since entering the cryptocurrency markets, resulting in value increases of nearly 4,500%. Additionally, with the network’s development of its smart-contract facility, Cardano is in a great spot to see growth prospects.

Cardano is enlisted on several staking networks because of its prominence, including and eToro. You can discover that the interest rates vary significantly from company to company because of the exact cause.

As a substitute for staking, numerous businesses let you earn income on Cardano through cryptocurrency lending.


It is regarded as the ideal staking coin for long-term development. Another DeFi token created with the goal of scaling is Solana. Fast payments and minimal fees made possible by blockchain improved its success. The cost of Solana increased from about $18 to $100.

Solana’s price has decreased since 2022, but engineers haven’t lost interest in the asset. Depending on your platform, you can predict annual returns on this cryptocurrency asset to vary from 7 to 11%.

You have two options for depositing your Solana tokens: a wallet that enables staking or a cryptocurrency investment account like those provided by You can purchase Solana from an easy-to-use broker like eToro to get going.

Ethereum 2.0 (ETH)

Developers and investors alike are drawn to the rapidly expanding Ethereum network. But the second-largest crypto in the market initially used a proof-of-work consensus. This required PCs to conduct intricate procedures that required significant energy and time to verify any operations.

But after the latest upgrade to its evolution, Ethereum switched to the PoS technique and is now one of the most excellent staking tokens to take into account for making passive revenue. However, the conditions are pretty demanding to begin staking Ethereum on your own, not the least of which is the requirement that you bet at least 32 ETH tokens.


The foundation of Polkadot is a designated Proof-of-Stake mechanism, in contrast to the traditional PoS consensus. In this framework, nominators support numerous reviewers as a sign of confidence in their conduct. As a result, you risk suffering a loss if you select a dishonest validator.

However, because it is difficult and has unfavourable conditions to be a delegator for Polkadot, many stakeholders opt to be nominees or put their money into staking pools. Additionally, Polkadot offers enticing token incentives. This is because incentives are handed out according to the task rather than the amount at stake.

You can find Polkadot with an APY as high as 14.5% on websites like Polkadot appears to have significant potential for development in terms of potential investment income because it enables programmers to connect blockchains and even construct new standards.


A coin called Polygon was created to make Ethereum more scalable. This blockchain enables interoperability by supporting Ethereum-based apps. This makes this virtual currency an excellent choice for long-term investment. Since Polygon’s token price increased by more than 350% over the previous year, this year was a perfect opportunity to collect interest on MATIC.

In addition, validators favor Polygon as one of the most excellent staking coins. Just one MATIC token is needed to join the network, and two tokens are necessary to begin staking. You may also use services like to make decent profits on Polygon if you are not interested in becoming your validator.

Final Thoughts

It is evident from the analysis above that staking is more environmentally friendly and maybe better for the economy than mining using the PoW algorithm. As a result, it is justifiably gathering traction and a more significant proportion of the cryptocurrency industry. When Ethereum eventually made the change and formally embraced staking in December 2020, the trend favoring staking gained additional strength.

As DeFi staking thrives in 2022, the adoption of centralized and decentralized staking seems to be at its highest.

Last but not least, one should be cautious when engaging in DeFi staking, considering its FOMO-inducing growth, particularly when using freshly developed procedures that promise high returns for yield farmers or liquidity providers.

Remember that investing in cryptocurrencies has considerable risk, so careful planning and study are necessary. Good luck staking!

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