Binance Adopts TripleA as Its Global Crypto Payment System

Binance Adopts TripleA as Its Global Crypto Payment System

The world’s leading blockchain and crypto service provider, Binance, has announced its choice of TripleA as a payment gateway for Binance Pay. Binance is on a mission to provide payment solutions to businesses and individuals across different sectors.

Binance Moves Ahead With TripleA

The new development is part of Binance’s drive to expand its cryptocurrency payment services worldwide. The crypto exchange is pushing for dominance in the industry by adopting TripleA as a payment gateway.

Moreover, the crypto exchange is using Binance Pay to provide borderless and secure payment services to users. The crypto payment feature integrated into the Binance App provides contactless transactions between users.

As the link between Binance and the retail world, Binance Pay is the glue that sticks the two entities together. In addition to this, Binance Pay has a large client base of more than 300 million.

Meanwhile, Binance Pay’s partnership with TripleA is one for the future. It will set in motion the path to more opportunities. The crypto and blockchain industry is vast, with more merchants willing to explore crypto payments.

Most merchants are shifting their attention to crypto payments due to their fast transactions and cheaper fees. Unlike the traditional payment gateway, merchants using the crypto payment system need not wait for business hours before processing their payments.

Asia’s leading online marketplace, Novelship, is one of the latest entrants to the world of Blockchain payment. According to the CEO of Novels, Richard Xia, its customers are central to its business operations.

Xia noted that an overwhelming majority of Novelship’s customers are demanding payments in cryptocurrency. And the company is committed to enhancing the shopping experience of its customers, added the CEO.

Commenting on the recent partnership between Binance Pay and TripleA, Xia believes that Novelship can still be active in the market. Adopting new payment technology will enhance the company’s pledge to its customers.

The Crypto Payment Rise

Many brands are responding to the wishes of their customers by adopting crypto payments for their services. The increasing interest in cryptocurrency among consumers is shaping the decisions of many firms.

Since the beginning of this year, many businesses across different industries have increased their adoption of crypto payments. Added to this are the flexibility and speed it brings to the transaction process.

Eric Barbier, the founder of TripleA, revealed a growing demand by businesses for crypto payment services. And consumers are the drivers of the trend.

The CEO further noted that TripleA is glad to partner with the world’s leading crypto exchange via its payment arm, Binance Pay. Novelship is pleased to be part of the solution to meet this growing market demand.

In the meantime, Binance is expanding its service around the world. The crypto exchange is poised for industry dominance from Europe to the Middle East to the Americas.

Binance Pay is an extension of Binance’s ongoing drive to make crypto payments affordable and accessible for the growing user base worldwide.