OpenSea Partners up With Warner Music Group to Elevate Artists’ Chances in Web3

OpenSea Partners up With Warner Music Group to Elevate Artists’ Chances in Web3

OpenSea, and the international music and entertainment firm Warner Music Group have formed a partnership that would give some WMG artists a forum to grow and expand their fanbases in Web3.

WMG Artists Would Get an Upper Hand

As a result of the agreement, WMG artists would have immediate access to OpenSea’s forthcoming drops offering, enhanced discoverability, customised narrative on unique landing pages, and OpenSea’s unmatched privacy and protection measures. As a result, the OpenSea team could provide more devoted assistance and practice guidelines, assisting WMG artists in creating new Web3 networks and bringing preexisting fan groups to NFT-powered new kinds of interaction and innovation.

Additionally, WMG artists would have their unique landing page where they could present limited-edition initiatives, giving fans new ways to interact with their pieces.

According to Oana Ruxandra, Chief Digital Officer & EVP, Business Development, WMG’s cooperation with OpenSea includes facilitating these societies by opening up Web3 knowledge and techniques to create more opportunities for artists to demonstrate a higher level of engagement, access, and possession. She added:

“Community is crucial to music’s DNA. It is artists and fans starting to come together to appreciate the music they adore.” 

According to Shiva Rajaraman, Vice President of Products at OpenSea:

“For artists and musicians, NFTs provide a great innovative medium and a means to develop community, communicate directly with followers, and express ideas across borders and languages.”

“I’m excited to collaborate with a partner who recognizes the value of this technology and wants to use it for good by enabling artists to directly communicate with their fans. We’re thrilled to offer the infrastructure and assistance necessary to warmly welcome the Warner family of artists to the dynamic NFT ecosystem.

WMG Has Been Making Considerable Progress Lately

Probably Nothing, a Web3 firm, and Warner Records UK are working together to generate the first catalogue.

Warner Music has partnered with various notable Web3 companies thanks to its industry-leading strategy. This recent partnership was the latest effort to expand the music firm’s domain knowledge.

NFTs in the Music Industry is Growing

This year, a flood of new collaborations had formed in 2022 despite a significant volume drop in the NFT industry. A cryptocurrency mining startup recently unveiled its distinctive ‘Greedy Machines’ NFT series.

Additionally, businesses from more established industries are attempting to participate as well. For its smart TVs, LG introduced its own NFT platform called ‘LG Art Lab’ at the start of The month. The entertainment industry is likewise very interested in increasing its Web3 footprint, as evidenced by the cooperation between WMG and OpenSea announced today.

Snoop Dog collaborated with Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan to launch a brand-new track on the TuneGo network on September 20, the International NFT Day, to commemorate the event. Additionally, Muse made history by topping the UK charts with an NFT album.